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A little background

VASSS Pte Ltd was previously known as “TOH HOCK KEE” operated by the late Mr. Toh Ah Lay from the late 60s till early 2005. Back then we were a SME providing whole-sale services to small retail businesses.

In 2005, after Mr. Toh Ang Poh came on board, the company underwent major transformation and has re-positioned itself to provide Info-Communication and Technology (ICT) products, services and solutions to the Small & Medium size Enterprise.

In our road of growth, we merged with successful IT, Network, Communication and Infrastructure firms like, Magnum Solutions and Webics Solutions in Mar 2006, ITBUFF in May 2007 and NorthEast Computer Service in August 2007, to enhance the company capabilities and to enlarge the customer base.

With more than 10 years of experience providing value-added software, system and solutions to SME, VASSS Pte Ltd has the small-business experience, the technical expertise, the in-depth knowledge of the SME sector and strong relationship with key ICT suppliers & vendors to meet the needs and demands of the SME in their growth journey.

VASSS Pte Ltd is your preferred technological partner for your business today and the future.

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